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HÉLOÏSE LLORIS is Champagne Opulence.

Specialising in only Quality Champagne.


Heloise Lloris Champagne has been selected by London finest sommeliers and is sold in the most prominent night clubs and restaurants in Central London.

The only Champagne in The World Finished in 24k Gold and 18k Rose Gold. Each bottle is covered in a unique rigid precious metal casing which cannot be removed made in the UK and finished in 24k Gold or 18k Rose Gold. 


Gold bottle

HÉLOÏSE LLORIS Champagne 24K Edition 750ml. 

Premier Cru, Extra Dry Champagne, finished in 24k Gold.

Pale golden colour with soft fruity tones, hints of almond and flavours of light buttery brioche & mature manuka.




rose gold 24k

HÉLOÏSE LLORIS Champagne Rose 75 cl

Premier Cru, Extra Dry Rose Champagne, finished in 18k Rose Gold.

Pale pink colour, exuberant sparkle, with layers of zesty Cherry Blossom, light fruitiness and a delicious background hint of crisp Blueberries.



Héloïse-Lloris represents both love and victory, named after a beautiful French scholar and romantic writer born in 1101 who was best known for her intelligence, creativity and lover affair that created one of the most famous love stories in French history. Lloris derives from the Latin name 'Laurel Tree' used to symbolise victory and honour. 

Finished in Gold. 

Héloïse-Lloris Champagnes are presented in hand-crafted, rigid bottle covers using skills that date back to the 14th Century. Not only are these covers distinct and exquisite, but the attention to detail is also outstanding and no two bottles are alike. Finished in 24k Gold or 18k Rose Gold, these covers are the perfect reflection of the quality of champagne inside.

Not only do these exceptional covers showcase the Champagne but they also perfectly preserve the bottles from any threat of light damage or temperature damage meaning even without a cellar or adequate storage conditions, Héloïse-Lloris champagnes will age beautifully for many, many years.