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    Introducing Hemp Wine

    With its exquisite taste, relaxing effects and range of nutritional benefits, our new hemp wine offers a unique twist to your traditional glass of vino. Using only the highest quality produce, GMO-free and without artificial ingredients, it delivers an affordable alternative for the health-conscious wine connoisseur. 

    A New Concept

    Forward-thinking tastemakers will appreciate the concept of hemp wine. CBD — an extract obtained from cannabis plants — is now widely accepted for its healing benefits. These wines are not designed to intoxicate, but rather to enjoy in moderation, as part of a healthier lifestyle. 

    How Does it Benefit Your Health?

    Cultivated for its medicinal properties, hemp supports the immune, nervous, digestive and circulatory systems. Studies have also reported anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory components. A natural source of pain relief, it promotes physical and mental wellbeing, as well as inducing deep relaxation. 

    Used for centuries as a traditional medicine, the holistic value of hemp should not be underestimated. As well as offering physical benefits, its flowers contain extraordinary healing properties that are known to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

    What’s more, our hemp wines are entirely vegan and Ketogenic. Each glass contains just 1g of carbohydrates and absolutely no artificial colours or flavours. They are completely non-psychoactive, designed to help you relax and unwind, without altering your state of mind.

    Easy to drink, and best enjoyed in good company, hemp wines are the ideal accompaniment to your next social gathering. How about adding some Tonic? it makkes a fantastic refreshing spritzer.

    Who Produces it?

    Based in Poland, our hemp wine producer is one of just two in Europe. They are the first in Poland to cultivate cannabidiol wines, using only the finest quality cannabis sativa L,. These plants are important, as only those without psychoactive constituents — and no legal restrictions —  are approved for use in our products. 

    How is it Made?

    All the hemp in our wines is sourced directly from General Hemp Marketing (GHM). 

    Renowned as the most respected CBD growers in Poland, GHM is deeply involved with the research, production, and sale of various hemp products. Their focus is on the revival of traditional methods of Polish hemp cultivation, using only the highest quality raw materials and conventional farming methods. 

    Put simply, the hemp in our wine is amongst the finest in Europe 

    Who Drinks it?

    Hemp wine is a niche product, perfect for wine enthusiasts seeking something different. 

    It’s easy to drink and works well at any social event — particularly amongst those who already enjoy cannabidiol products. Evenings spent with friends, relaxed dinner parties, social situations where the ambience is easygoing and informal; these are the environments where hemp wine is best savoured. 

    Try Something Different

    When it comes to combining wellbeing and recreation, hemp wine is the ultimate choice. Deeply relaxing, great for socialising and good for your health, our hemp range is a perfect opportunity to try something truly unique.

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